FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  • Mounting Options: Can the track be mounted to the ceiling or alternatively to the wall?
    Yes, the SmartHomeDB motorized curtain track can be mounted to your ceiling or your wall.

    When you place your order, you will be asked to indicate whether you would like to receive Ceiling Mount Brackets or Wall Mount Brackets accordingly.

  • Pelmet Box Depth: What is the recommended available depth space if I would like to install motorized curtains in my curtain pelmet box?

    If you would like to mount a single curtain track into your Pelmet Box, the recommended available depth space is minimally 4 inches (10 centimeters).

    If you would like to mount a double curtain track into your pelmet box, the recommended available depth space is minimally 8 inches (20 centimeters).

  • Motor Position: Can the curtain engine be mounted on both the left as right end side of the curtain track?

    Yes, the SmartHomeDB Zigbee Curtain Engine can be mounted on both the left as right end side of the curtain track per your personal preference as the track is symmetrically designed.

    You will likely mount the SmartHomeDB Zigbee Motor at the side of the curtain track where there is easier access to a power outlet.

  • Motor Sound: Is the motor loud?

    The SmartHomeDB Zigbee Curtain Engine is extremely quiet and discreet with an operating sound of less than 30 decibels.

  • 【Motor—Invisible】:Will the motor be visible or invisible after installation?

    It is totally invisible.

    The motor will be hidden behind the curtain at the time, you will only see the curtain, not the motor.

  • 【Pull side——Options】:What options does the system give to open the curtain, does it open from center, right pull, or left pull ?

    Every unit gives three options, you can only choose one as you prefer, but not all of them. 

    Options are. :(1) Center Open; (2) Right Pull; (3)Left Pull.

    You can choose only one of the above as your option. 

  • 【Track—Length】:Can you custom the track length for me?

    Yes, we can.

    Our curtain track can be customized in your request size, no additional charge.

  • 【Track—Height】: Can this system be used on **feet-tall windows?

    Yes, our system can be used on the windows of any height, there is no limit on the height of the drapery. 

    But the weight of curtains is limited to 110lb(50kg) for the system to bear.

  • 【Track—Weight Carrying】: How much weight of the curtains can the system hold?

  • 【Track-Dual System】:Do you have this product in a double-curtain system?

    Yes, we have doule-track system.

    You will need to: Purchase 2 systems together, mounting them one front and one back to become a double-curtain system.

    A double-track system includes: 2 sets of track + 2 motors + 2 electricity converts.


    Operation: You can operate the double-track system separately or simultaneously as you like.

    By using the 3-channel Remote Control that can as follow(you choose this product in the options of remote) :

    channel #1: operate the curtain only
    channel #2: operates the sheer only

    channel #3: operates both together at the same time

  • 【Track—Curved】:Can the track be customized to be curved for a bay window/ for a curved ceiling/ for a right angle ceiling?

    Yes, we can do custom made Curved Track(including right angle).

    For Curved Track, it requires much more complex efforts to make as well as the transportation, Please provide drawings indicating lengths, angle, degree, etc. for a quotation( You can find how to measure in the Track Measuring Guide).

  • 【Remote Control—Synchronization】: I have serval windows, can all of window curtains be synchronized with 1 Remote?

    Yes, they can.

    We have Multiple-channel Remote Control which can activate all systems simultaneously.

    We would love to recommend the suitable one for you due to the specific number of windows you want to operate together, please feel free to contact us for more information.

  • 【Remote Control—Effective Distance】: How far away will the remote work?
    Our remote works within 164feet(50 meters) radius, with the indoor condition(can be with 2 walls maximum in between the launch and receive spot ).
  • 【Remote control—One Button Push】: Does the remote button have to be held or is it one push to open/close?

    Our remote only need one push to open, as well as one push to close.

    There is no need to be held to finish the process.

  • 【Remote control—Stop part way】: Can the curtains stop part way instead of fully closing if I want to leave some space open?

    Yes, the curtain system can be stopped part way as you prefer.

    There are 2 options of operating can be chosen:

           (1) Press stopping button on the Remote Control where you want to stop

           (2) Use the function of setting up a limit point which the system will stop at this exact position.

  • 【Remote control—Timer】:Can this system be set to a timer so it open and close automatically daily?

    Yes, we have a Timer available, which can be set to 6 different time point of movements

     total daily or weekly, operating maximum of 16 sets of the motorized curtain system.

    If you want to learn more about it, please be free to contact us.

  • 【Remote control—Wall Mounted Control】: Can I have the Remote Control and Wall mounted control at the same time?
    Yes, you can. Our remote is designed can be used by both 2 ways.

    The remote comes with a stand, which can be mounted on the wall and holding the remote in it.

    Here you can choose to operate the remote in 2 ways:

    (1)  On the wall directly( The stand is mounted on the wall, holding the remote in it.)
    (2) Hold it in your hand ( Take the remote out of the stand, leaving the stand on the wall only.)

  • 【Power and Electricity—When There Is No Power Supply】:When the apartment has no power, can I physically pull the curtains open without damaging the system?
    Of course. The system is designed of the function that can be manually operated without power.
  • 【Power and Electricity—110V or 120V】:Can this product work on 110V? / Can this product work on 240V?
    Yes, our product can work on both 110V and 240V.

     The power of the motor is 100V-240V auto switch inside, so it can work on both 110V and 240V.
  • 【Power and Electricity—50Hz or 60Hz】: In my country we work with 50Hz, can the system be operated with 50Hz?/ My country works with 60Hz, can it be operated with 60Hz?
      Yes, the Power Adapter of this product is universal 100 - 240V( 50/60Hz), it can work with both 50Hz and 60Hz.
  • 【Power and Electricity—Rechargeable Battery】:Can the product work with some rechargeable batteries?

    No, it does not work with batteries, not even rechargeable batteries. 

    It comes with a Power Convert fixed in your country
     that you can put own cable plugs into a wall outlet. 


  • 【Curtain Fabrics—Fabric Excluded】: Are the curtains included or excluded?

    Only the Motorized Curtain System is provided, we are sorry curtain fabric is not included. 

  • 【Curtain Fabrics—Curtain Type 】:What type of curtain could be put on with this system?

    Any Pinch Pleated Curtain with hooks would work, for the track has Curtain Runners (Eyelets) for the curtain hooks. 

  • 【Curtain Fabrics—Hook type】:Does this system only work with pinch pleated curtains? Does it also work with grommets or tab tops?

    Yes, the product only works with pinch pleated curtains. It won't work on Grommets or tab tops.  

    Any pinch pleated curtain with hooks would work with the system, for the track of this system has "eyelets" for hooks behind curtains.