Step 1


A SmartHomeDB Motorized Curtain Track is installed in the same manner as a regular curtain track for which you will need the following tools:

+ Electric Drill
+ 8mm Drill Bit
+ Screwdriver                                                                + Hammer                                                                     + Measuring Tape
+ Pencil                                                                        + Step Ladder


Step 2

Locate The Brackets

1. Recommended bracket distance
    # Length1: 5.9''(15cm) #     
    # Length2: 19.7‘’(50cm)#

    Adjustable workable range       
   # Length1: 3.9''-7.9'' (10-20cm)# 
   # Length2: 7.9''-19.7'' (20-50cm)#
>For Length1 and Length2, you can adjust them
  according to the adjustable workable range due 
  to the circumstance of your track.  

>Please do make sure Length1 and Length2 
  should never be greater than 50cm.   

2. Lock brackets on the track                                                

1) Loose brackets' lock pieces with screwdriver.

2) Put brackets on the track,moving them to 
    adjust distance accorading to the               
   recommended distance.                                                                    3) Tighten brackets' lock pieces with screwdriver, making sure they are immovable.

3. Connect wall bracket (wall mounted system only​)
​1) This step is for 【Wall mounted system】only . If your system is mounted on the ceiling, please ingore this.                                                                 
2) Connect wall brackets with the normal brakcets on the track, until all normal brackets have been connected with wall brackets.

Step 3

Locate The Track

1. Search a proper position for the track, using pencil to make mark of a horizontal line.                        2. Hold the track to fit with the horizontal line, meanwhile drawing the shape of  brackets' holes with pencil to mark their position.                                                        

>Always install the track horizontally on a flat   surface.                                                                     

>The length of the horizontal line is as same as the length of the track.

Step 4

Mount The Track

 1) Start with the bracket at middle of the track,   
  using electric drill to drill holes on the marks
  of bracket's hole.
2) Put expansion screws into the holes just
  drilled and use hammer to tighten them.
3) Mounting the bracket onto the wall by inserting
  screws into expension screw through bracket.
4) Move to next bracket and do the same above
  to all brackets until they have all been mounted.

Step 5

Mount The Motor

Inserting the motor to the drive box at the end of track. Pull up the motor’s anti-clockwise and it will be locked into the track at a fixed position automatically.