Step 1

Assemble The Track

1. Read guide: Read the【Track Assembling Guide】.

2.Assemble track: Use strewdriver to assemle the track.

Step 2

Locate The Track

1.  Safety glass: Put on your safety glass.

2. Search position: Search a proper position for the curtain track, preparing for later installation.

3. Mark track: At the position searched above, use pencil to make some marks.         (1) Spot A,B: At two up corners of the window. 

(2) Spot C,D: Straight above Spot A,B 

(3) LineEF: Connect Spot C,D with a horitonzal line, whose length is exact the same as the track length.


1.  Always install the track horizontally on a flat surface.

2. To ensure the track installation is straight, the distance of AC and BD shoul be the same.

Step 3

Locate The Brackets

1. Loose lock piece: Use srewdriver to loose lock piece of the brackets.

2. Position brackets: Put the brackets on the track, keeping the lock piece loose so that you are able to move them on the track.

3. Adjust brackets' distance

(1) Recommandation: 

     Length1: 5.9''(15cm) 

     Length2: 19.7‘’(50cm)

(2) Adjustable workable range:

    Length1 3.9''-7.9'' (10-20cm)

    Length2': 7.9''-19.7'' (20-50cm)

4. Mark brackets                                          (1) Take one piece of the brackets.                (2) Put it on LineEF(marked at STEP2) accodrding to the position you located for brackets ( Length1 and Length2).              (3) Use pencil to mark 4-drilling-hole for every position that suppose to have the bracket one after another.


1. For Length1 and Length2, you can adjust them due to the circumstance of your track according to the adjustable workable range .  2. Please do make sure Length1 and Length2 should never be greater than 50cm.              3. For bracket marks, always keep every marks of 4-drilling-hole in the same horizontal.

Step 4

Mount The Brackets

1. Drill srew holes                                        (1) Use drilling to drill holes on the  4-drilling-hole marks.                                                     (2) Have all 4-drilling-hole marks  had 4 holes on them.                                                   (3) Put expansion screw into all the holes.   (4) Use hammer to tight the expansion srews.

2. Srew brackets                                          (1) Take off all the brackets on the track.      (2) Use screwdriver to srew these brackets on the ceiling/wall, till all the bracket marks have been mounted with brackets.

Step 5

  • Install the track and motor
  1. Take the track to the ceiling/wall, trying to mount it by hooking it with the brackets.
  2. Lock the bracket, use srewdriver to tight the lock piece. Do the same to all the brackets on the track.
  3. Inserting the motor to drive box at the end of the track, pull up the motor’s anti-clockwise, and it will be locked in a fixed position automatically.