Select a Mount Option:
Your curtain track can be mounted to either your ceiling or your wall.
Select a Draw Option:
When curtains open from the middle to the right and left of the track, it is called Center Open (or Split Draw / Center Draw). Center Open is the most common type of draw.

When a curtain is pulled open to only one side of the track, it is a one-way draw curtain track. The most common reason to use a one-way draw curtain track is that there's an obstacle in the way on the other side. The obstacle may be a chair, sofa, or even a wall.
Select a Track Width:
If you are not sure what the exact curtain track width is that you need, please use our Track Measuring Guide to confidently calculate your required curtain track width.
Select a Remote Control:
Remotes A, B and C have the exact same basic remote functionalities but simply have different exterior designs.

Besides the basic functionalities, Remote D has the additional functionality that you are able to configure a timer for your motorized curtains. This means that you are able to set fixed times at which your motorized curtains either automatically open or automatically close.

If you would like your curtains to gently wake you up with rays of bright sunlight in the morning, Remote D is highly recommended.
last step
Select a Power Plug Adapter for your region:
SmartHomeDB Zigbee Curtain Engines are primarily sold in China and therefore by default come with a power cable with plug type I. To facilitate that the engine can be used in the US, EU countries and the UK, a power plug adapter is provided with each international order.
Motorized Zigbee Curtain Price